Nu-Res | Commercial General Contractors | Our Process
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As a General Contractor with years of experience, we provide organized planning and oversight of pre-construction planning for our customers.  Meticulous and comprehensive planning prior to the start of construction provides the very best foundation for each phase that follows.


Addressing critical aspects throughout the construction process repeatedly results in fewer construction changes, a reduced construction build time, and cost savings for the customer.  Your project is closely managed with weekly construction meetings, milestones and critical path oversight processes that ensure a project stays on schedule and on budget.


Our versatility in construction enables us to offer the most cost effective and quality structure for a customer’s specific needs and category of business.  We firmly believe that success depends on collaboration and preparation. To achieve satisfaction, we concentrate on the customer’s desires from the beginning.  Using our unique partnering approach to construction, we employ a process that is dedicated to meeting those needs from start to finish.


We provide our customers with personalized service and quality workmanship at an affordable price. Architectural expertise, efficient engineering, integrity, honesty, and the highest quality workmanship are what we continue to build our reputation on.